Benefits of engaging Steve Montagna in Selling your home:

Tailored Approach - Every home is different and has unique attributes so the "one size fits all" marketing approach to me is both lazy and ineffective. Each one of my listings gets a strategic, custom tailored marketing plan to reach the largest audience of capable buyers which results in a timely sale at maximum price. I invest a great deal of time and personal financial resources into each home listing which renders tremendous results. Through this approach, I have gained a track-record of selling homes that other Realtors could not sell. 

Negotiation Expert - One of the key elements in your Realtor choice is their negotiation abilities to get you the best price for your home sale. I have gone toe-to-toe with the top area agents and consistently gain the most favorable outcomes for my clients. This does not only include sale price but also in regard to home repairs which can save a seller thousands.

Personal Service - Who's needs come first? Yours. That cannot happen when you're being passed around to 5 different people. My voice is the only one you will hear throughout the real estate transaction and you will hear from me on a regular basis with updates. Consistent communication is a foundational component of my practice. 

Keller Williams is #1 - How does this benefit you as a home seller? No other real estate firm has a larger National & International network of agents - 133,000 +. As such, my tailored marketing approach is enhanced by the network and resources of the largest real estate company in the world and in addition to this, no firm lists and sells more homes than ours locally.